My life with acne

I already talked to you about my skin & acne problems. I literally lived hell for 4 years… I really mean HELL. I don’t want to go in all the details I've been through but if you have acne you know what i’m talking about. That’s why I decided to share with you few tips that have worked very well with me.

’Adult acne’ is usually related to hormones, so beside medical treatments it’s kinda hard to get rid of it….BUT you can manage it with the following tips.

Daily care

I’ve tried almost all the creams available at the pharmacy. Not concluent. Till the day I found Dermalogica. I really appreciated the professional customer service. Since the minute I walked in, the advisor carefully looked to my skin and proposed me the perfect products for my skin type & problems. The processing efficiency of the products allows a faster skin regeneration and I saw a visible improvement of my skin moisture. Another parallel product that I use, is the Effaclar acne treatment by La Roche Posay which help the skin recovery.

Tips & prevention

I’ve noticed that I had more acne on the side I was sleeping. Since then, I started to change my pillowcase every two nights as well as turning over my pillow the second night so I don’t sleep on the same side two nights in a row. Even if our bed is not dirty, it keeps all the dead skins, the hair products that leave an oily residue, the pollution etc … Maybe it sounds freaky but changing my pillowcase often really helped.

Go to the gym with no makeup on or remove it as soon as possible! First of all, I would like to say that I took me a very long time to accept the fact that I was going to walk out of my house, facing everyone , with no makeup on. Especially cause noting would cover up my acne. I started to think about the idea and It’s totally normal that the skin needs to breath and evacuate the toxins which is not the case with a face full of makeup. After a sweating session, the open pores go back to normal and bring all the dirt ‘inside’ which cause black heads. Anyway, we all finish with a sweaty red face and the color melts perfectly with the pimples color hihi

Go see your beauty specialist often! I know it’s expensive, but it’s so beneficial. When you have acne problems, it’s usually cause you have a sebum excess and black heads. Personally, I saw a drastic improvement since the day I started to visit my beauty specialist monthly. So yes, you need to make a budget for it, but it’s worth it.

Finally, I might not be as simple as it seems to get rid of acne problems and I suggest you to go to the dermatologist to follow a custom routine.

Do NOT desperate, you’ll beat this acne !

Marieve xoxo


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