My carry-on essentials

Unicorns couture carry-on must haves

Many of you might leave us soon for a sun destination to escape the terrible Canadian winter. Lucky you! 

Even if I don't plan to travel soon enough, I thought useful to share with you my must haves items to bring with me in my carry-on luggage.

Noise cancelling headphones

It's amazing! I promise it will change your life for the better! You know those thousands annoying background sounds you can hear thru your headphones? Well, with its noise cancelling technology, those headphones will assure you to watch a movie, read or even sleep without any other sound you aren't meant to hear. I guarantee you will be less grumpy at the end of your flight!  

 My suggestions : I own the Bose wireless noise cancelling 

An healthy snack

Fair enough, most of the airline companies provide meals and snacks during the flight but if you're like me and feel like you NEED to eat every 3 hours, you'll be happy to have an handy snack to survive to your cravings. This is why I always carry a nut mix as well as a protein bar. If by any reason, the service on board is slower or If I just have a craving, you'll have an healthy snack. Always a way better than what they serve during the flight.  

 My suggestion : Cashew nuts (From my favorite market: Atwater market) and Kind bars. 

A scarf

I ALWAYS travel with my favorite scraf! It's constantly getting colder with the altitude and most of the airlines don't provide blankets. That's why I never board on the plane without this must have. Also, it can be useful at any moment of your trip if it's getting chilly by night time. 

My suggestion : Louis Vuitton shawls 


I must confess, I always bring a way more stuff that I really need but if I would have to pick 3 of them it would be : moisturizing lip balm, cleanning wipes and a face moisturizing spray. No need to tell you that airplanes are filled up with bacteria so I used to clean up my seat space. I know i am a freak !

I always have dry lips during the flights, so I like to moisturize with my lip balm and drink a lot of water to keep myself hydrated. 

Also, my absolute beauty tip: the face moisturizer spray! The spray is gonna protect your skin against the dry air & the bacteria and refresh you at the same time. 

My suggestions: Sugar nude Lip balm, Evian spray and Life wipes. 



I could definitely not travel without spare clothing in my carry-on. I always plan the ''in case of''. You might think that loosing your luggage is a legend, but I assure you it's a nightmare. I always bring: underwear, a bikini, a dress, a pair of shorts, a pair of dressy shoes, a pair of black pants and 3 basic t-shirts.  

My suggestions:Unicorns couture basic t-shits and my favorite pair of black jeans Paige


I would like to add to not forget to mesure and weight your carry-on luggage before you get to the airport. I traveled recently and I can assure you that airline companies are more strict than ever with the luggage measurement. Just to be sure you are not overcharged with last minute luggage check-in! 

Marieve xoxo 

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