Being a woman or simply myself

This article is kind of personal. The international women’s day brought me to think on the meaning of being a woman. I don’t think I could have written on this before today, cause I never really took the time to think about it of manifest a special interest for it. Don't get me wrong, I do think this day is worth it and I do think it's important to take a moment to say thank you to all the women who fought for our rights. 

I’m a woman but beside my gender, I am me. Being me is more significant than my gender. If I learned something during the last years is that it’s so hard to completely assume yourself in a society. So many judgements, so many false hopes & empty promises. Being a woman became so complexe that I am simply trying to feel good in my body. 

What is so different from before, is since this year, I stopped hiding myself and started to assume my decisions. I would have NEVER leave the house with no makeup on, even when I was going for a workout. One day, I realized it made no sens to go to the gym and intoxicate my skin while sweating with makeup on! No sens!! Especially that I used to have a very sensitive skin with acne problems. (You know when you are 33 and you have the skin of a 12 y.o. teenager, Not cool!) 

I also stopped being scared of what people could think about me. I’ve always been very shy, but when you become an entrepreneur you have no choice but expose yourself, ask for help, ask questions cause no one is gonna give you all that on a silver platter. You are not gonna have success because of your pretty smile but because you worked harder and pushed the limits. 

Being feminist is to fight for equality between men and women but i’m asking myself if this equality is a necessity when every human, man or woman, is comfortable and confident with himself. There is always going to have inequality! Between men and women, men to men and women to women. We are all fighting for ourselves and we all want what is the best for ourselves no matter the gender. This is why I don’t believe in inequality but I believe in myself cause no-one can give me or take from me anything if i’m in peace with myself.   

I choose myself for the international women’s day and I hope that every woman and man of this world will give themselves the chance to make their dreams happen and be happy! 

Mariève xoxo

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